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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  July 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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renting to someone on that list will be written up >> basically it is racism to me and they're cleaning up their act because of the fact we are under investigation because they're being sued >> i relocated from new jersey because i was accepted to a postgraduate program >> one young black woman was shocked upon hearing of the do not rent lists and decided to check out >> it is rude and arrogant because looking at me would not be able to tell i just graduated from college and i just received my degree >> the attorneys now it says that the note maybe someone's way of dealing with the problem but it violates anti- discrimination laws >> she has written instructions saying do not rent to african- americans, it is illegal >> the clerk said she is speaking out to be on the record opposing what she's been asked to do to keep her job >> what everyone black person is a hooker or a pen? >> the city has filed against
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the hotel and there is a court date for the end of the month. if the city prevails by hotel could be shut down. >> fire crews are getting more help battling it wild fire burning in the sierra foothills. today the governor called in more resources to fight what is being called the robbers fire. it is threatening 150 homes in placer county. crews say they need all the help they can get. >> being able to make sure crews are ready to go with plenty of food on the line and enough hose line so they can get into these areas is critical because they will be out there for 24 hours >> the national guard has also been called in. one inmate firefighter broke his leg fighting the flames. it is one of three fires burning in northern california right now. the city of san jose is getting more firefighters.
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an $8.6 million federal safety gramm will be used to hire and train more than two dozen recruits. 27 firefighters could be working by early next year. a construction milestone in the east bay when crews reach half point in construction of an automated people mover between bart and oakland international airport. it is putting more than 500 people to work, most of them from the bay area. the first official ride is expected in 2014. starting next year california drivers can send a text message while they drive as long as th don't use their hands. the governor signed a law allowing handsfree testing. ken bastida is live in mobile 5 >> you are right, the governor and legislature outlawed text while driving about three years ago. i'm waiting for one right now
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for my photographer. technically, if i was in my car with blue to and he sent me a text, here it goes. >> have you heard about the new law that allows hands free text while driving? >> he asked me if i had heard about a lot and i am talking to people about right now. i can answer back, yes i have heard this and that would suffice as far as the new law is concerned. assembly bill 1536. it gets complicated because not all of the devices synchronize in this system so it would depend on what you have and how it works but it really begs the question, if you send a text to someone in your talking to them, why don't you just talk to them? anyway, is another option. that is beginning january 1st.
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>> i still think it will be fight, the hard to fight the impulse to look down at the screen >> that and the fact that you still need to press send it and you still need to look at the person's name so is not completely handsfree but we are getting their little by little. >> apple made an about-face on its environmental policies, rejoining the rating system known as twitched. the company faced backlash from some consumers, government agencies and schools when it dropped out of the program this month. today apple calls that decision a mistake but experts tell us there might be more going on >> is more likely that is what is happening behind the scenes is a give-and-take between the group's organization and apple
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to adjust the standards of applicant's score well >> apple has touted its green credentials in the past year and recently announced an initiative to use clean energy for its data farms. our while to is becoming a magnet for young people with dreams of starting their own high-tech companies but not everyone has a place to live. >> vitamin water, panties' hanging from the shipper, not an uncommon sight even in palo alto >> close to 100 people sleeping in their cars >> the number is growing where there are few shelters and the only cheap living is hacker hostels. it is one of the be bay area cities that allows people to sleep in their vehicles >> some people's have said that that might be a magnet for people sleeping in cars >> just ask wayne who lives in his car
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>> sometimes it is a lot better, they do not pressure you as long as you keep the area clean and tidy where you are >> all he needs to do is move his car every 72 hours. homeless advocates say the policy is bringing a new breed of homeless on to power up the streets. chris works with the homeless >> they're even folks who work for high-tech companies who live in the valley and they sleep in their cars >> this is my sleeping situation. it is actually quite comfortable >> 25 year-old kurt seen here document himself in his car that you live in four months while working on his startup. residents are pushing the pressure on the city to crack down. >> if the city puts the ordinance in the affected will be legal to live in palo alto but they're working with advocate groups to try to locate a church parking lot that they
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can use, so far they have not found one. >> the web site that turns the tables and has car dealers trying to outbid your lowest price. do you really need to spend $100 on sunglasses to protect your eyes? the surprising thing,
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>> a house fire took a life of its year-old boy this morning. it happened on a cul-de-sac on lake drive about 845. joe vasquez reports investigators think religious shrine started the fire. >> it breaks my heart, it really does >> this neighbor describes the chaotic scene after a fire burned his house on lakeview drive, seriously injuring two grandparents and killing the two
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year-old boy they were babysitting. family members have identified the two year-old, his parents arrived quickly on the scene and his mother promptly fainted >> he brought her back to the van and a roster to the hospital >> the fire started on the second floor in a hallway closet around 8:45 a.m.. construction workers next-door moved quickly and put up the ladder and they ended up rest me man in his 20's or '30's. firefighters say a candle in a religious shrine might have been the cause >> to have a shrine in their house that they prayed to, that's what they mean we do every day >> there are candles? >> yes, just one small little candle >> now, he is praying for his grandparents recovery and his morning the loss of his two year-old cousin >> he was a little bad boy. he would mess around at my
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house, going crazy, i really loved him. >> the fire have been just a couple of miles from the site of the pg&e explosion. some workers are experiencing counseling after experiencing another terrific scene. >> contra costa county wants to build a new addition to a detention facility in order to reduce jail overcrowding. the building on a plot of land in richmond would house up to 128 inmates. the plan traces back to a new state policy sending inmates to county jails instead of state prison. >> these county should be accountable to their communities, to be investing in social services and local law enforcement >> the money for the building would come from state funds. a decision could come as soon as august 2nd and then it would go to the full board of supervisors for their decision.
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the answers to autism might be found in baby teeth. the clues that researchers hope to find in this unusual approach >> the web site allow you to drive negotiations without ever leaving your home. >> 25 degrees cooler in many of the inland locations today. the low clouds and fog and the effect it will have on your,,
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america's beverage companies are delivering. >> j.p. morgan chase says its giant trading blunder was much more serious than first reported. they originally said that a bad trade cost it $2 billion but now it says that number is actually closer to $6 billion. the company ceo fired managers in charge of that trade and now the company is taking back two years worth of their pay. >> paid to the problem, they're making systems changes and they say they're doing the right things but time will tell >> someone has made a profit, there is another side to this but we don't know who that is >> even with that giant loss, they made a profit of $5 billion
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in the last quarter. that news launched a stock market rally giving the dow the best day this month. the dow jumped 204 points. j.p. morgan surged 6%, the biggest gain by far. if president obama and mitt romney agree on anything it is this, each of thinks his opponent is a liar. the latest war of words on the campaign trail. >> president obama is firing up supporters in one of the key 2012 battlegrounds. >> it is good to be back in virginia >> at a rally in virginia beach he called out republicans in congress >> 33 votes to repeal the health care bill, all it would take is one vote to make sure that all of you don't see your taxes go up next year >> the president did not accuse his challenger of outsourcing but the issue is getting plenty
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of play in campaign ads and in an interview with cbs this morning charlie rose, the president talked about mitt romney record as ceo of bain capital >> if your the head of a large private equity for your job is to make money, it is not to create jobs >> mitt romney campaign is hitting the airwaves pushing back against the president's claim that the republican white house hopeful sen jobs overseas >> the obama outsourcing attacks, misleading and unfair and untrue >> high-profile republicans are also giving romney a hand in virginia >> to believe there is any truth to these outsource the allegations, these were things that happened after 99 when he was not director >> a new twist was added to the attacks with a report showing that romney was still listed on paperwork as ceo of the company three years after he said he left to run the olympics.
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>> you can see more of the interview with mitt romney on the cbs evening news in less than 15 minutes. high-pressure tactics, pricing negotiations, buying a car can be a hassle. consumer watch reporter julie wants shows us the new way to get dealers to bid for business. >> it was a very pleasant experience of buying a car >> that of wasting valuable time dealing with the dealership he paid $500 and joined in on-line service that doubles as her personal car shopper >> i don't have free * of the ability to spend that money and not need to spend hours at a dealership was invaluable >> he says it did the shopping, found the financing, get rid of his old car, and he didn't need to speak to regular >> we do is help you through the shopping >> he says instead of replacing the dealer altogether, his site
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allows buyers to anonymously negotiate with dealers without having to set foot on the lot. buyers log on and look at the car they want and it is the dealers to bid against each other >> we have a network of dealers to come in and provide you the actual price they will sell you the car for and you can compare those offers side by side >> david says he got a different bids before choosing on a vacaville dealer that saved him $600 >> it was less work for me >> as for brad, he says it saved him $200 and hours of valuable time >> it was beautiful, i car, i drove my car in and drove my new car out >> car intelligent charges anywhere from 300-$3,000 but it does pretty much everything for you. car whoof just helps you find in negotiate the best deal and it is free.
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if you want to look at multiple cars it can run up to $100. >> i embrace microclimates but earlier today i posted a picture on facebook of the blue sky in pleasanton and do you know how many comments i had saying where are you? take a look at that right there, that is the marine layer roughly 2,000 ft. deep. it is currently 59 degrees in san francisco as well as oakland. 68 in san jose. also in livermore, 70 in santa rosa. this is the blue sky i was alluding to earlier when i took
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that picture. this is looking out towards mt. diablo. lots of blue skies, gusts that 26 mi. per hour. tonight we will have the clouds shrouding the coast and the bay. saturday clouds and then sunshine and a mild weekend. tonight the giants host the houston astros. bundle up, it will be a cold night. futurecast illustrates clouds are off the coast heading into the bay at least 60 mi. and also all the way to santa rosa. it will retreat tomorrow to some partial coastal clearing because this is the area of low pressure that enhanced the marine layer. temperatures will recover slightly for saturday. a 20 percent chance of a
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thunderstorm in yosemite. your temperatures, fifties at the beaches, at 82 degrees in morgan hill. 82 in brentwood, 79 to the north in napa. there is the extended forecast, pretty much a carbon copy on sunday and additional cooling on monday through wednesday. >> the great sun glasses debate, some argue you need to spend at least $100 to protect your eyes. we put them to the test to,,,,,
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>> scientists at the university of texas are hoping that baby teeth can help them get to the root of autism. many experts believe it is
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triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental exposure. baby teeth act as a time line allowing researchers to see just about everything a child from a pesticide to medicine. autism affects one in 88 children. when it comes to sunglasses, the more expensive they are, the better for your eyes, right? we wanted to find out for selves and we put 18 pairs of sunglasses to the test. >> when the sun comes out, so do the shades, all kinds at all prices. >> a couple hundred dollars >> under $100 >> $5 >> sunglasses should protect your eyes from damaging uv light >> the lands within your eye ages faster when you have more uv exposure and that can lead to cataracts. >> can make cheap air do the trick? >> probably not
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>> cbs healthwatch collected 18 pairs of sunglasses that cost anywhere from 2-$200, all claiming to protect 100 percent. we put them in the hands of an optometrist at the merit more in height center at cal. using a specialized devices he tested each one from much like a wet through and we want as close to zero as possible >> we are near 0% >> the results? >> all of them pass the test, anywhere from 99-100 percent uv protection were found on all of these glasses >> even so, there is a catch. uv protection can deteriorate over time. it is less likely to happen with a better quality care. >> i would be very concerned about a $20 a pair of sunglasses if what you're looking for is adequate protection.
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she even so, the doctor says whether cheap or expensive just look for the label and wear them even on cloudy days >> ultraviolet can penetrate the clouds in get too so even wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day makes a difference >> a dark lands does not guarantee protection. you need to read the label but size does matter. the best ones are the big ones or wraparound that prevent uv light from coming in on the sides. make sure your kids wear sunglasses as well. >> you look marvelous >> $2 >> $2 we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp dicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. to find out more, call today. >> here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. seen as a golden opportunity to raise extra money, now left in limbo. why so many bay area construction projects are now on hold. apparently it is the hot place to be. how in northern california nudist resort is cashing in on the heat wave. >> that will be edited video, right? >> we will see.
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>> the cbs evening news is next. have a good weekend. >> mason: tonight, mitt romney under fire. wyatt andrews looks at the role romney played at bain capital and the outsourcing of jobs. jan crawford talks to the candidate. >> doesn't the buck stop with you? >> mason: and the c.e.o. of patrice bergeron written financial is arrested in a scheme that stole more than $200 million from investors. remembering the victims of the "costa concordia" disaster six months later. liz palmer is on the island of giglio. hed steve hartman "on the road" and on the trail of flag fillers. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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